Naked NKD1 Freshwater Pool System

Imagine swimming in silky smooth freshwater with no chlorine stench or red eyes, no need for sensitive skin lotions or even showering after a dip. It’s swimming as Mother Nature intended, pure and simple.

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Cost effective

With the latest digital technology and flexible timer control, the Naked Fresh Water System is customised to your pool to drastically reduce running costs. The unit works seamlessly with variable speed pumps providing adequate circulation and typically requires half the running time of traditional sanitiser.



Gentle on skin

Taking into account one in three Australians have some kind of skin condition (psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis) the less chlorine present in the water the less irritable the skin will be and the more healthy the water to swim in.



All natural

Latest technology in the Naked Fresh Water System is a true environmentally friendly system offering many healthy benefits for you, the family, your garden and swimming pool equipment. Your pool water will be typically the same that comes from your household tap meaning it is no different to having a shower or bath. There is no need to continually wash your bathers, towels or yourself as the swimming experience is just like swimming in a fresh water stream leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Naked Pools use a revolutionary freshwater sanitising and filtration system that transforms your backyard pool into a crystal clear, freshwater oasis.

It’s the healthier choice for families and great for the environment, with lower running costs and longer lasting equipment. But most importantly, your Naked Pool produces crystal clear water to make your pool look and feel amazing, all year round.

More Benefits:

  • No red eyes or irritated skin
  • Perfect for asthmatics, psoriasis and eczema
  • Up to 50% savings on running costs
  • Recycle pool water to your garden
  • Longer lasting equipment and pool surrounds
  • No washing swimwear or showering after use
  • Far less maintenance than traditional systems
  • Comparable to your household tap water
  • Lowest levels of TDS delivers clear fresh water
  • Rejuvenating and refreshing