Pool Controls Chemigem D10

The Complete Solution for all your Pool Control needs!


Automatic Water Management Controller

Chemigem and Pool Controls – Experience and Innovation
Pool Controls has over 30 years experience in automated
water management systems. The Chemigem measures water
quality and adds chemicals to ensure that your pool is clean
and safe to swim in.

With a Chemigem, the “hit and miss” methods of dosing by
hand are a thing of the past. Pool water chemistry is regulated
automatically – providing consistent levels of water sanitation
while using far less chlorine and acid. This means you get a
better result – and save money!
Take the guess work (and hard work!) out
of adding chemicals

Efficiency and Control

Whenever your pump is running, your Chemigem is working.
The Chemigem tests the water continuously and can add
chemicals over 30 times each hour. The Chemigem measures
pH (a measure of the acidity of the pool water) and ORP
(Oxidation Reduction Potential – a measure of the level of
effective chlorine in the water). It is important that both pH and
ORP are maintained within a safe range.

Versatility and value for money

Chemigem uses an advanced FLASH processor to watch over
your pool. The LCD display shows you the condition of your
pool water – and what Chemigem is doing about it. There is
a versatile control system for operating and programming your
Chemigem to suit your particular needs.
Chemigem offers you total control and
peace of mind.

Aftercare and Service

Pool Controls takes pride in its products and has a team of
dedicated service technicians to make sure your requirements
as a pool owner are met.

Timer for your Pool Lighting

Chemigem comes with a timer outlet for your pool lighting
system – turning it on and off automatically.
Choose a Chemigem to suit your needs
Pool Controls offer a range of different Chemigems to suit varied
Installations can be varied to accommodate different methods
of chemical feeding – vacuum flows (with or without venturi
injectors), peristaltic pumps and solenoids for erosion feeders.
Chemigem – let your pool look after you!