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Pool & Spa Pumps

We stock a wide range of pumps for residential and commercial customers at our Morley store. Let us size and recommend the best swimming pool pump or spa pump that delivers economy and performance. Listed below are some of our most popular.   

astral long

CTX High Performance Pump

Model Rating (H.P) Flow at 8 mtr (lpm) Suitable for pool size ( ltrs)
CTX 280 1.0 280 60000
CTX 400 1.5 400 90000
CTX 500 2.0 500 110000

The AstralPool CTX pump has been designed to comfortably meet the needs and pressures required by your swimming pool and spa equipment. Made from high quality materials and components the CTX is designed to produce greater efficiency and reduce noise levels. Suitable for in-floor cleaning systems, spa jets and other demanding applications the CTX will provide a high performance and reliability.

  • Robust construction and suitable for harshest weather conditions
  • Economical to run using less power to more water
  • Minimum maintenance
  • 3 years limited warranty
astral long

E-series Pump

Not all swimming pools and spas require high performance pumps. Many smaller pools and older pools place less stress on their various components. AstralPool have developed the E-Series Pool and Spa pump for these applications.

Designed with AstralPool's robust and reliability the E-Series pump is suitable for pools and spas up to 60,000 litres. Developed with superior components, energy efficient, requires minimal maintenance and quiet to run the E-Series pump may meet the requirements of your pool.



  • Available in three different sizes
  • Made from quality and durable components
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Designed for smaller pools where a bulky pump is unnecessarily large or powerful
  • 3 year warranty


astral long

Viron P320 XT

AstralPool’s Viron XT pumps are incredibly efficient, reducing the lifetime pool operating and ownership costs while offering incredibly high flow and pressure when required to meet the most demanding applications. A full variable speed controller allows you to tailor the flow rate to suit your pool and filtration and unique features such as overdrive and fast prime make the XT the most versatile variable speed pump on the market.


  • 1.5 H.P Variable speed, whisper quite
  • 9 star energy rating ,Reduce carbon emission
  • Australian made pool pump
  • LED display shows RPM of motor
  • Suitable for filters up to 30” size

Saves up to $700 per year in operational cost

Faster priming

p320 xt

Monarch Cyclone/ Typhoon

Model Rating (H.P) Flow at 10 mtr (lpm) Suitable for pool size ( ltrs)
C75M 0.7 210 50000
C100M 1.0 280 70000
C150M 1.5 350 85000

Heavy duty, powerfull pool pump delivering high performance for rapid pool and spa circulation and solar heating applications.

The range of Davey Typhoon Swimming Pool pumps are cost effective, deliver high performance and offer a range that will suit all applications. Large flow rates and high head pressure are a feature of the Davey Typhoon range, and a 15AMP model will suit installations with higer power draw.

The Davey Typhoon T150M and Typhoon T200M are also perfect for swimming pools with in-floor cleaning systems.

You can choose from the Davey Typhoon C series range, or the larger Davey Typhoon T series range for when you need that little bit extra.

  • Built-in thermal overload protection
  • Large leaf basket to reduce maintenance
  • Australian made pool pump to deal with our harsh environment
  • Faster priming
  • 3 years warranty
Davey Typhoon

Davey Sure Flo

Model Flow (lpm) Pool size (ltrs)
DSF 750 350 40000
DSF 900 375 60000
DSF 1100 400 75000
DSF 1350 450 90000

The Davey SureFlo swimming pool pump comes with self-aligning barrel unions which allows flexibility for retro-fit applications. Designed specifically for filtration and sanitising applications for your pool. The SureFlo is a universal, multi-fit and versatile pump which suits multiple applications; including solar heating to general filtration.

  • Heavy duty construction with High performance
  • Built-in self-resetting thermal overload protection
  • Fully serviceable, for easy maintenance and repair
  • Suitable for In-ground, above ground, large swim & spas and solar pool heaters.
  • Self-aligning barrel union to provide flexibility for retro-fit
Davey Sureflo

Davey Whisper

Model Power (HP) Flow @ 6m head Size of pool
W500 0.5 125 30000
W750 0.75 175 40000
W1000 1.0 225 50000


Why buy a pool pump that is too big for what you need? If you have a smaller below ground pool or an above ground pool, Davey Whisper is an economic, compact pump, that is ideal for you. Affordable to run, this powerful little pump can handle filters and cleaners and is also perfect for solar heating applications.

  • Perfect for tight spaces
  • UV stabilised material, Durable and long-life corrosive resistance
  • Built-in self-resetting thermal overload protection
  • Includes integrated check valve in the discharge
  • Suitable for small to medium sized pools
Davey Whisper 1000

Davey Power Master


Don’t let the savings fool you. Davey PowerMaster ECO Series gives you outstanding 8-star energy efficiency with low running costs and exceptional performance. With three speeds at your fingertips you can control every pool operation for maximum savings.

Davey PowerMaster ECO offers:

  • lower operating costs
  • low noise output and
  • low greenhouse gas emmissions


We use a cleverly designed, state of the art 3 speed brushless DC motor, so clever and effective is the Davey PowerMaster ECO, the swimming pool industry voted it the Splash 2012 Product of the Year and Energy Saving Product of the Year.

  • Energy Efficient Pool Pump, offering up to 70% lower energy use than traditional pumps
  • Three Fully Programable speeds that can be adjusted in 50rpm increments to suit your pool
  • Super efficient 3 speed brushless DC motor provides lower energy cost, reduced noise levels and lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Designed with a see through lid and extra large pump basket to allow for longer intervals between cleaning, and for rapid priming
Onga white 3

Onga LTP

Model Rating  (H.P) Flow at 5 m (lpm) Suitable for pool size (Ltrs)
LTP 550 0.5 250 55000
LTP 750 0.75 280 62000
LTP 1100 1.0 400 90000

The range of Leisure Time pool pumps have been purposefully designed to provide maximum performance and corrosion resistance at a realistic cost. Self-aligning barrel unions help to make installations a breeze, allowing some flexibility when fitting it to the pipework.

  • Built-in Overload motor protection
  • Suitable for all inground and above ground pools
  • Cost and energy efficient
  • 2 years warranty.
Onga LTP750
Onga white 3

Onga ECO800

The Onga Eco800 is the ideal pump for new or existing pools. Utilising advanced hydraulic design and the latest technology in permanent magnet, variable speed motors, the Onga Eco800 has the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. The Onga Eco800 delivers energy savings and the power when you need it. You will also have the peace of mind that you are doing your bit for the environment and reducing your carbon foot print.

  • Programmable variable speed motor (3 speed)
  • Energy saving, Reduce electricity cost up to $1000 per year
  • Higher capacity basket to catch more debris
  • Fault protection motor
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 8 star energy rating, Lower carbon emission
  • Super quite operation
  • 2 years warranty
Onga ECO800

Poolrite Enduro 750

These economical pumps are well suited for in-ground or above-ground swimming pools, spas and solar systems.

Low noise running achieved with precisely matched pump motor design. Stainless steel assembly nuts and bolts. High flow and pressure capabilities mean efficient filtration and vacuum cleaning. Electrically double-insulated and in-builtautomatic thermal overload device for extra safety. Easy installation and service thanks to threaded inlet, self-aligning unions and a discharge port that can be easily positioned at top or side to accommodate different piping configurations.

The strainer pot model features a large see-through lid, robust strainer basket and proven self-priming capability.



  • Low noise operation
  • Low running cost
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Weatherproof motor with thermal overload protection
  • Quick-connect union adaptors
  • Two years full warranty


enduro 750

Reltech Ecoflow PR series

Available in 6 sizes from 0.5 to 2.0hp, Reltech's PREMIUM PR Series pumps are for decerning buyers that don't want to compromise. Offering high performance and low noise levels, PR Series pumps have been over designed for unbeatable reliability.



  • Available in different sizes to suit a variety of pools
  • Made from quality and durable components
  • This pump can be retrofitted to a number of Astral Brand pumps, making installation a breeze if you're replacing one.
  • Large Pump basket meaning less maintenance
  • 3 year warranty


Reltech Ecoflo pump