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We sell all the chemicals you need to set up and maintain your pool and even bring green pools back to life.

Don't know what chemicals you need? Stop by today for a free water test and our experts will tell you everything you need to know about maintaining your pool by yourself.

Too busy to maintain your pool yourself? At Poolwise Living we value your time, so stop by or contact us today for a pool maintenance quote and have our team of experienced professionals service your pool.

We are a Licensed Dealer of The Focus Brand. The Focus brand has built a reputation on innovative technology with style and intelligence. The brand is exclusive through a network of professional pool shops, qualified service technicians and superior builders. The unique yet simple to use range is complete from sanitisers and adjusters through to new generation blended flocculants and speciality products.

Our product range includes:

  • Acid
  • Chlorine
  • Sanitisers
  • Oxidisers
  • Balancers
  • Cleaners
  • Buffers
  • Algicide
  • Clarifiers


If you have any other general pool questions feel free to contact us over the phone or in store.